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The Mexican Stock Exchange’s IPC Sustainability Quotes and Prices Index, 2012.

Mexico Current 2012

For the Index, listed companies have to make public all their sustainability programs and/or actions on their websites, annual reports and/or sustainability reports. Each company is assessed by two independent third-party organizations which base their evaluation on internationally-recognized sustainability principles.

Issuer name

Bolsa Mexicana de Valores(BMV)

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In December 2011, the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) announced the launch of its sustainable investment index: IPC Sustainable, which started operations in February 2012, bringing together listed companies that are notable for sustainability. For its initial year, the index included 23 companies. In 2013, after its first annual review, from a sample of 70 companies 6 more were added for the period February 2013 – January 2014.

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Large private and listed companies

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All/none specified






North America

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Stock Exchange

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