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Transparency in Supply Chains etc. : A practical guide

United Kingdom Current 2015

This document provides guidance on: who is required to publish a statement, how to write a slavery and human trafficking statement and how to approve and publish the statement.

Issuer name

Home Secretary

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Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires certain organisations to develop a slavery and human trafficking statement each year. The slavery and human trafficking statement should set out what steps organisations have taken to ensure modern slavery is not taking place in their business or supply chains.

Reporting resources


Organizations covered by the instrument

All Companies

Target organization notes

Mandatory to every organisation carrying on a business in the UK with a total annual turnover of £36m or more (according to the modern Slavery Bill)

Industry scope

All/none specified

Disclosure venue

Slavery & human trafficking statement

ESG coverage- S (Social)

Human Rights, Employment Conditions, Policies and Practices

ESG coverage- Eco (Economic & General)

Procurement and Supply Chain Management




United Kingdom



Date of publication


Issuer type

Governments (governmental department, agency)

Reporting requirements

Codes, guidance, and questionnaires

Mandatory or voluntary


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