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Presidential Decree No. 1067, s. 1976. Water Code



The objectives of PD 1067 are the following: to establish the basic principles and framework relating to the appropriation, control and conservation of water resources to achieve the optimum development and rational utilization of these resources; to define the extent of the rights and obligations of water users and owners including the protection and regulation of such rights; to adopt a basic law governing the ownership, appropriation, utilization, exploitation, development, conservation and protection of water resources and rights to land related thereto; and to identify the administrative agencies which will enforce this Code. The decree includes the following topics: ownership of waters; appropriation of waters; utilization of waters; control of waters; conservation and protection of waters and watersheds and related land resources; administration of waters and enforcement of the provisions of the code; penal provisions; and transitory and final provisions. It also requires owners of private land to register and secure permit from the government. The government may regulate the registered water body when there is wastage, or in times of emergency.

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National Water Resources Board (Government)

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Disclosure instrument


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