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KIng IV Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa, 2016



Since the publication of the first King report, South Africa has maintained a proud tradition of corporate governance. King IV is the fourth iteration of that report, and sets out the philosophy, principles, practices and outcomes which serve as the benchmark for corporate governance in South Africa. Part 2 contains the fundamental concepts and philosophy on which King IV is based, the distinguishing features of King IV and how the various developments in corporate governance, locally and internationally, since King III came into effect in 2009, have influenced the principles and practices in the Code. A firm grasp of the content in this part is necessary for effective application of King IV.


South Africa





Issuer (type)

Institute of Directors in South Africa (Industry)

Instrument type


Disclosure instrument


Geographical scope


Mandatory or voluntary


Text analysis

    • Low 0.28%
    • Low 0.00%
    • E focus: climate change, energy, environment, pollution, waste, water, biodiversity
    • S focus: collective bargaining, community development, human capital, human rights, intellectual property, recruitment, value creation, diversity
    • G focus: audit, board independence, corruption, esg reporting, financial reporting, internal control, responsible investment, risk management, accountability
    • Agriculture, Education, Finance, Management, Professional services, Public administration, Transportation