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Ley 34/2007, de 15 de noviembre, de calidad del aire y protección de la atmósfera

Law 34/2007, of November 15, on air quality and protection of the atmosphere



Spanish Decree 833, among others, was adopted to establish air quality standards for major pollutants and to create a framework for enforcement of Spanish environmental law. This decree has been modified and various resolutions issued to seek compliance with the EU directive. Facilities are required to monitor and measure emissions and report on them according to the frequency and schedule established for the industry concerned. Activities included under the scope of Law 34/2007 are required to implement the best available technology and have the necessary pollution control equipment or devices to prevent and reduce pollution emissions. If there is an interruption or accidental failure of this equipment, the operator must notify the competent authorities immediately. During this period, the applicable emission limit values would not apply, but the undertaking would be required to comply with special temporary operating conditions established in the operating authorization or by the competent authority in each case.

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Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (Government)

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Disclosure instrument


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