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Pudong New Area Corporate Social Responsibility Guidelines



These guidelines aim to promote the comprehensive supporting reform pilot, building a corporate social responsibility (CSR) system, and promoting companies to fulfil their social responsibilities. Corporate social responsibility means that in the process of business activities, while pursuing the interests of the enterprise, companies should also take into account the interests of stakeholders who are closely related to the behaviour of the company and the society, so as to realize the sustainable development of the company and build a harmonious society and Corporate social responsibility.







Issuer (type)

Shanghai Pudong New Area Economic Commission (上海市浦东新区经济委员会) (Government)

Instrument type


Disclosure instrument


Geographical scope


Mandatory or voluntary



Shanghai Pudong New Area Labor and Social Security Bureau (上海市浦东新区劳动和社会保障局); Shanghai Pudong New Area Environmental Protection and City Appearance Health Administration (上海市浦东新区环境保护和市容卫生管理局); Shanghai Pudong New Area Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Federation (上海市浦东新区企业、企业家联合会); Shanghai Pudong New Area Association of Foreign-Invested Enterprises (上海市浦东新区外商投资企业协会); Shanghai Pudong New Area Investment Enterprise Association (上海市浦东新区各地投资企业协会); Shanghai Pudong New Area Labor Security Society (上海市浦东新区劳动保障学会); Shanghai Pudong New Area Environmental Protection Association (上海市浦东新区环境保护协会); Shanghai Pudong New Area Business Federation (上海市浦东新区商业联合会); Shanghai Pudong New Area Federation of Industry and Commerce (上海市浦东新区工商业联合会); Shanghai Pudong New Area Consumer Rights Protection Committee (上海市浦东新区消费者权益保护委员会)

Text analysis

    • Moderate 0.65%
    • Low 0.05%
    • E focus: conservation, emissions, energy, environment, environmental management, green procurement, pollution, recycling, restoration, waste, water, biodiversity
    • S focus: community development, discrimination, diversity, employee training, employment policy, fair trade, human rights, intellectual property, recruitment, working time, compensation
    • G focus: bribery, business ethics, audit
    • Arts, Construction, Finance, Management, Manufacturing, Professional services, Public administration