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Inversión Responsable y Sostenible: Visión General Prácticas Actuales y Tendencias

Responsible And Sustainable Investing: Overview Current Practices And Trends



This report presents an approach to the tendencies, the motivations, and the characteristics of the IRS globally and the IRS in relation to the Latin American context. In addition, the report proposes actions that seek to break the inertia and move towards a scenario where the creation of individual value considers and contributes to a system with better general conditions. This implies, to a certain extent, a paradigm shift; but it is certainly a necessary change in the search for prosperous Latin American societies, in which value is generated by a sustainable competitive private sector.






South America

Issuer (type)

Sustainalytics; Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC); Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (BVC) (Stock Exchange, Industry)

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Disclosure instrument


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Mandatory or voluntary


Text analysis

    • Low 0.33%
    • Low 0.02%
    • E focus: climate change, climate risk, deforestation, emissions, energy, environment, greenhouse gas, pollution, resource efficiency, sustainable agriculture, waste, water, water risks, water scarcity, biodiversity
    • S focus: community involvement, diversity, financial inclusion, human rights, recruitment, systemic risk, value creation, compensation
    • G focus: bribery, business ethics, corruption, equator principles, internal control, responsible investment, risk management, accountability
    • Agriculture, Finance, Management, Manufacturing, Mining, Professional services