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Resolución  946/2002 - Residuos o desechos no peligrosos

Resolution 946/2002 - Waste or Non-Hazardous Waste



This resolution sets out guidelines for the management and disposal of non-hazardous waste in Argentina. It establishes criteria for the classification of waste and provides guidelines for the storage, transportation, and disposal of non-hazardous waste. The resolution also includes provisions for the monitoring and reporting of waste management activities. Under this resolution companies have specific obligations related to the management and disposal of non-hazardous waste, including: (1) Properly classifying their waste according to the guidelines established in the resolution; (2) Storing and transporting their waste in a manner that prevents environmental contamination and protects human health; (3) Ensuring that their waste disposal methods comply with the legal requirements and do not pose a risk to the environment or public health; (4) Maintaining records and documentation related to their waste management activities, including the volume and type of waste generated, and the methods used for storage, transportation, and disposal; (5) Reporting their waste management activities to the appropriate regulatory authorities as required by law. Overall, the aim of these obligations is to promote the safe and responsible management of non-hazardous waste in Argentina, while minimizing the risks to human health and the environment.






South America

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Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development (Secretaria de ambiente y desarrollo sustentable) (Government)

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Disclosure instrument


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