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Carbon risk: a burning issue



Six specific recommendations are made, including: (1) That the Australian Securities and Investments Commission review its guidance to directors to ensure that it provides a proper understanding of the manifestations of carbon risk, and reflects evolving asset measurement implications of carbon risk. (2) That the Australian Stock Exchange provide guidance regarding the circumstances in which a listed entity's exposure to carbon risk requires disclosure under Recommendation 7.4 of the Australian Stock Exchange Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations. (3) That the government nominate a single government entity to have primary responsibility for coordinating the response to the recommendations of the Financial Stability Board Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures. (3) That the government commit to implementing the recommendations of the Financial Stability Board Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures where appropriate, and undertaking the necessary law reform to give them effect. (5) That the government review the Corporations Act 2001 to consider whether the obligations for financial disclosure should require holistic consideration of a company's prospects, including the viability of its business model. (6) That the government end the uncertainty regarding climate change policy, and develop a stable and consistent policy (such as an emissions intensity scheme for the electricity sector).







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